Back bone Kam (kopia) (kopia)

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Carbon Combs


  • Hardly not slip off your hands because of the round edge
  • The first teeth makes easy to part your hair .
  • Round point bottom of th comb is designed to get easy & smooth combing
  • The standard rough teeth makes basic and smooth combing  following 1/100 mm of accuracy )
  • Natural soft touch ( Molding of leather pattern )
  • The fine teeth helps you to catch a uniform hair and hardly absorbs x rays while combing.
  • Strong teeth with flexible body and reinforcing function it is 10 mm interval from a hole to a hole .
  • The comb is made by super plastic which are hear-resistant up to 230 Celisius degree. and has very 10w thermic expansion.  Even when you want to comb quickly it will avoid friction. So the comb never peel off your cuticle.
  • Easy to have your short hair cut
  • Fit your hands smoothly and avoid tenosynovitis.
  • Negativ Ions releases when combing hair.