Bes Oxidant 1000ml

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Stabilized hydrogen peroxide for dyeing and bleaching.
Oxidative effect of Hydrogen Peroxide in perfect proportion to the required volumes.

Stabilizing elements and purity control elements ensure a perfect solution for stabilization and protection against bacterial contamination and pH endurance at high high levels.

Technical properties:
It is formulated in 4 types:
-10 vol
– 20 vol.
– 30 vol.
– 40 vol.


– Perfect stability during use
– Develop oxidizing effect at exactly required volumes
– Adjust surface tension to avoid reinflamations and prevent bacterial contamination
– To maintain the pH at its optimal level

Professional advice and instructions:
Only use paint, to activate paint or bleach. Quantity and processing time depend on the product used and the result required.

Bottle 1000 ml