Plattång Chenfeng 0012

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CF-0012B gita With fire Appliance Features: 1.LCD display 2.Heat adjustment buttons(+/-) 3. ON/OFF slide 4. Two styling ceramic plates The Heating plates provide optimal protection to hair .This appliance has two plates with 3-fold softness of normal ceramic plates. They preserve your hair's natural moisture for styles without "frizz". The easy-to-clean plates emit high, constant heat to natural moisture while minimizing damage for soft, luxurious styles. Smooth, Porous. Whitish, Colored, normal hair Our products are manufactured to conform to the highest quality levels in performance and design. To enjoy using this new appliance, you are requested to read this user manual carefully before you kindly use the appliance and save it for future reference. 1.Connect the appliance to alternate current (AC) mains only. Check if the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds to the local mains voltage before you connect the appliance. 3.For additional protection, we advise you to install residual circuit that supplies the bathroom. This RCD must have a rated residual operating current not higher than 30mA. Ask your installer for advice. 180-200°C 200-230°C After 30 seconds of plugging in, the appliance is ready Normal hair Rigid, Curl-Resistant Hair, Style-less Important Notice: Heat:  80-180°C for use. Preparation for use: 1.Put the mains plug in the wall socket (110V&220V) and set the on/off slide to "on" to switch on the appliance. 2.Keep this appliance away from water. Do not use near the water contained in for example in baths, it washbasins, skins, showers. Styling: 1.Make sure your hair is totally dry before using the • CF-0012C 2.After the device driver identify the appropriate temperature required for your hair and wait 30 seconds. 4.Keep this appliance away from the reach of children 5.Prevent contact with the skin with the hot parts of the appliance. 6.When the appliance is hot, do not place it on non-heat-resistant surface. 7.Do not wind the mains cord round the appliance. Check the condition of the mains cord is cracked, cut or damaged. Stop using the appliance and send it to a maintenance centre for any change or repair in the mains cord in order to avoid hazards to users resulting from errors in repair. 8.Use on all sorts of hair except wet hair appliance. 2. Start styling with wide-teeth comb to untangle curls. 3.Divide hair into parts, and start from the part near to roots. 4.Lock a small part(maximum 2-4 cm curl) of hair between plates, release the lever. Slide the barrel to the end of the lock and wind the lock round the barrel. Unwind the lock of hair until you can press the lever to open the clip. Make curls: 1.Move the appliance through the full length of hair from roots to ends without stop for the best results in straightening without damage. The styling plates slide easily down hair smoothly and easily. For netter control upon sliding the apparatus through a curl, hold the apparatus with one hand, hold cold parts with the other hand. 2. You can make curls at hair end by slowly winding apparatus outward or inward then leave the curl. After Use: After each use, always switch off the appliance, by pressing the ON/OFF slide for one second. 1.Before starting cleaning the appliance, disconnect it from mains. 2.Do not submerge apparatus in water at all. 3.Dry the apparatus with soft and dry cloth.